I think that the title says it all on this one.  If you haven't checked out Greg's playing with the Ray Brown trio, now is a great time to start.  Two quick things to draw your attention to.  

Groove Transitions
First, listen to how Greg and Ray switch to swing from latin (at 1:07).  They lock into a swinging groove breathtakingly fast.  I literally can not sit still and listen to Ray Brown play quarter notes at the same time. 

Dynamic Transitions
Second, Greg goes from absolutely bashing out hits in a shout chorus to whisper quiet in the space of about one second (at 2:37), without compromising the groove in any way.  If you have ever tried to make abrupt dynamic transitions in a song you will understand how difficult this really is. 

Elements of Drumset Artistry
In terms of the elements of drumset artistry on display here, this is one of the best examples of groove, technique, and musicality that I can think of.  Greg's drive is relentless, his technique facilitates everything he is trying to accomplish without any hiccups, and his response to the music is lightning fast and effective. 

Below is a link to my favorite Ray Brown trio CD featuring Greg Hutchinson: